Hsing Yung is endeavoring to develop more and more product lines. In addition to our bobbin-based product category, we also produce plastic housings for all kinds of electronic items including remote controller and USB. Upon the request of our customers, we can design and produce customized products for them.

Housing of Remote Controller and USB

Improving our product quality remains to be our major emphasis. We encompassed great human power training, standardized manufacturing processes, top technology and equipment to reduce the defective rate under 2% and the customers’ complaints will reduce to fewer than 8 cases per year.

Moreover, vertically we attempt to formulate an autonomous system which enables to supply potential single unit products like USB and other electric products rather than just components. We will also bring these top-notched products to attend to the electronic exhibition worldwide that will enhance our product compatibility and visibility internationally. Every month we produce new molds and products, and our first-time customer aid service is our goal to achieve in that way we will to provide the fastest and more accurate services to our customers’ requests.

As a result of the composite efforts Hsin Yung put into, Hsin Yung is now heading for a future of prosperity and delicacy, and we wish to share this joy with every of our beloved customers.


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