Mr. Leung Chuen Mu established Hsin Yung Plastic Company in Guan-Du in Taipei, Taiwan based on the total asset of 500,000 Taiwan dollars, devoting himself in bobbin and components of tape recorder industry.


In order to embrace better productivity, Hsin Yung company moved to San Chung city, and further increased the number of machines and equipments to satisfy the need of growing orders.


Due to the relocation of the industry, the bobbin-developing department is founded to increase our competence.

1996 In response to the engrossing orders, in August Hsin Yung Dong Guan factory was established where bobbin production is focused and mastered.
1998 Continued to expand capability, Souzhou Zhengjie Plastic & Electronics Co., Ltd. is established.
2000 Hsin Yung passed the certification of ISO9001(No.5773). We emphasized the systematic efficiency(including designing ability, production, factory evaluation), progressive improvement, elevation of customer satisfaction. We also apply UL system, aiming at designing and exploring exquisite products.
2001 Added more SMD fabricating equipments and established specific department to design and produce molds and products of SMD category. Hsin Yung Dong Guan factory passed the certification of ISO9001-2000.
2002 Became the supplier for Mitsushita in June, dedicating in exploring different kinds of products.
2003 Started to use environment-friendly materials, and became compliant with ROHS. Meanwhile, Souzhou Jengjie Factory passed ISO9001.
2004 Applied ISO14001(No. ENV318).
2005 Annual turnover exceeds 6 million US Dollars, and staffs grew up to 550 people.
2006 Dedicated in producing new products, enhancing the competitiveness of products and exploring the Global markets.
Headquarter in Taiwan: Hsin Yung Plastic Industry Company Limited
Add: No. 126, Sec.1, Guang Fu Rd., Sanchung City, Taipei
Tel:(886-2)29953711(operator) Fax:(886-2)29990010 E-mail:sales@hsin-yung.com